Vivitek NovoPro nieuwe functies/functionaliteiten beschikbaar!



NovoPro New Features and Improved Functionalities are Available with Firmware and Software Update V2.3.1 

Vivitek empowers presenters and connects participants with NovoPro wireless presentation and collaboration solutions. To enhance the user experience Vivitek released firmware and software upgrade to V2.3.1 with new features and improved functionalities.


Visit the Vivitek Training Portal and check the new functionalities with our NovoConnect Solution specialist, Casper, who will guide you through all the basic yet important functionalities and things to remember for your future demonstrations.

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New feature 
New NovoPro Home Screen

The new functionality allows hiding or displaying network information or QR code for the end user.


















To be upgraded automatically, simply connect your NovoPro to the internet, and perform the Firmware Upgrade from the Settings.


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