WyreStorm Bulletin; NetworkHD met Luxul AMS series Switchers

Technical Bulletin


In the past there were some issues regarding the operation of NetworkHD™ IP, 100 & 200 Series components when used with Luxul AMS series switches. This was due to the handling of NetworkHD multicast traffic and IGMP packets within the Luxul firmware. Luxul has recently released firmware v4.0.7 for their AMS series switches that dramatically improves the operation of WyreStorm NetworkHD components with their products. If you are having issues using NetworkHD with a Luxul switch, visit the Luxul firmware page and download firmware v4.0.7 firmware for the AMS series components to help alleviate the symptoms below.



  • Video drops out randomly and may not return
  • Decoder does not switch to selected source when instructed

Affected Products:  All NetworkHD Encoders and Decoders
Affected Serial Numbers:  All Serial Numbers

Corrective Action 
Download and install the firmware for the Luxul AMS switch being used for the NetworkHD system. 
Note: Firmware version must v4.0.7 or higher. 

Luxul Firmware Update Page: http://luxul.com/firmware-updates
After performing the firmware update, configure the switch following the details in the NetworkHD Luxul Switch Configuration Guide.


While this Luxul release addresses the core performance issues of multicast and IGMP traffic within their switches, there are still some NetworkHD use cases that may not function properly. For this reason WyreStorm recommends that an alternative switch is used for installations containing video walls (NHD-210-RX) or any multilayer switch configuration. Please contact support if you are in any doubt as to what switch to use in your install. WyreStorm is not responsible if the chosen switch and network architecture affect the performance of NetworkHD products.


Download: Using NetworkHD with Luxul AMS Series Switches (TB-170216-01)



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