Panasonic nieuwsbrief juni 2016


Welcome to the June newsletter from the Panasonic Visual System Solutions team – your guide to the latest news, events and developments in projectors and displays.


Brighter, richer, and longer-lasting images with SOLID SHINE™ laser projectors

Based on solid-state laser light sources, Panasonic’s proprietary SOLID SHINE™ laser technology is delivering a level of picture quality and long-lasting brightness never previously seen in conventional lamp-based projectors.

Our SOLID SHINE™ laser technology guarantees up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free, continuous and low-temperature operation for your whole projector; with no need to replace the light source or air filter, users can look forward to ultimate endurance and a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership.

And that’s not all. Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE™ laser projector range also boasts exceptional 4K resolution models, rich colour enhancement, built-in white balance correction sensors, dust-resistance, and rapid warm up and cool down times.

Learn more about how Panasonic is making the difference in laser technology here.


Projecting and displaying excellence at InfoComm 2016

This year’s event saw Panasonic demonstrating our world-leading advances in laser projection with the new PT-RQ32K – a beyond 4K resolution 3-Chip DLP™ laser projector, that will be delivering 27,000 lumens of brightness (centre) to events, staging and rental applications from January 2017.

We also unveiled three new series of maintenance-free, ultra-compact 1-Chip DLP™ laser projectors at the event. Ideal for exhibition, staging, signage, education and meeting room settings, the PT-RZ970PT-RZ770 and PT-RZ660 ranges boast outstanding brightness, contrast and colour performance.

Also playing a starring role was Panasonic’s thinnest ever offering for video walls – the TH-55VF1H Full HD display. Set for release later in the year, this 55” screen is equipped with an ultra-thin bezel-to-bezel width of just 1.8mm, a brightness level of 700cd/m2, and can be used vertically and horizontally to create large and essentially seamless video walls.

Discover the products featured at Infocomm 2016 here.

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Expanding our flexible and stylish professional display lineup

From summer onwards we’re expanding our networked signage display lineup with the release of the EF1 series, which adds 84”, 75” and 32” options to the entry-level LFE8 range.

As with all of our professional displays, the TH-32EF1, TH-75EF1 and TH-84EF1 focus on high image quality, reliability and flexible functionality in sleek IPS panels.

With efficient LED technology delivering 350cd/m2 of brightness at full HD resolution, wide visibility and off-axis colour performance, the EF1 series offers excellent visibility and exceptional image quality that are perfect for digital signage applications.

Add to that extensive connectivity options (in total, 59 PC signal types are supported), compatibility with Panasonic’s free Multi Monitoring and Control Software, and the ability to play synchronised content on multiple screens using the USB media player, and you have an impressive, self-contained and cost-effective signage solution for schools, showrooms, commercial spaces and offices alike.

Product launch dates:

Take a closer look at the EF1 series here.


New BF1 interactive flat panels bring learning alive

Specially designed for use in education and business settings, the BF1 series can be used as a PC-less whiteboard with an intuitive interface that allows users to transmit a variety of media formats to the screen, instantly, thanks to Intel® Pro WiDi technology.

Panasonic applications enable the simultaneous presentation of video, stills and documents from multiple devices in split-screen multi-mode.

The series – available in 80”, 65” and 50” display options – also offers 12-point touch control and a floating menu bar, making it easy and seamless to switch inputs, and draw and zoom with a single touch.

With colour blindness effecting up to 1 in 10 people the world over, what makes Panasonic’s offering so unique is the inclusion of Colour Universal Design – a selectable display mode that makes colours clearly distinguishable for everyone.

Coupled with anti-glare screens for clear visibility in all conditions, and DIGITAL LINK connectivity, the series – launching this summer – is raising the bar for visual and interactive learning in the classroom and workplace.

Product launch dates:

Explore our BF1 series here.


4K imagery comes to the University of Utrecht

At the core of the University of Utrecht’s new education centre for the faculties of Science, Geosciences and Biomedical Sciences – the Victor J. Koningsberger building – lies a breathtaking atrium. And in the heart of the atrium sits a large 4K video wall comprising 16 Panasonic 55” panels – one of the first video walls of its size with 4K image quality in the Netherlands.

Functioning as a giant information panel, it was hugely important to provide 4K-image quality to suit both digital signage and presentation visuals. And it was vital to invest in a signage solution that would provide an adaptable template to eventually roll out to all 40 university buildings.

Panasonic’s TH-55LFV5W displays were the ideal choice, thanks to their super-narrow bezel design for seamless large-screen layouts, outstanding picture quality and 24-hour operation capabilities.

Read more about our smart signage in Utrecht here.


Staging the spectacular with 3D projection mapping

From advertisers, brands and visitor attractions to pop stars, entertainment venues

and entire cities, demand for projection mapping has never been greater.

While projection is normally associated with delivering images to flat screens, 3D projection mapping, delivered by models such as Panasonic’s PT-RZ31K and PT-DZ21K2 Evo projectors, projects images onto any three dimensional surface – even humans.

It can transform reality into something truly magical, and capture the imagination in a way that is completely unique.

For the most immersive results, optimal brightness, high contrast, crisp resolution and an exceptional quality lens are required, while projectors that support warping and edge blending enable even greater creative freedom.

To learn more about how the market is growing, the increasing capabilities of projectors, and the vast possibilities of projection mapping for your business, take a look at our thought-leading whitepaper on the subject.

Download the whitepaper here.



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