Collaboration for All: Meet the WiCS-2100




Collaboration for All: Meet the WiCS-2100

wePresent is proud to announce the launch of the WiCS-2100, their first presentation gateway dedicated to inspiring collaboration.

Like all wePresent products, the WiCS-2100 allows any user with any device to share simultaneously with other users. WiCS-2100 also includes full integration of Apple AirPlay devices and audio and video from Google Chromecast into the presentation environment.


With eco standby mode, WiCS-2100 can utilize discrete power allowing for the unit to be monitored from a control system while conserving energy.


The redesigned user interface provides enhanced functionality, such as dynamic screen layout to optimize display of multiple users’ content.


WiCS-2100 also offers an on-screen thumbnail preview of connected device’s screens.


Bring collaboration to your classroom or corporate meeting space by implementing the WiCS-2100 in your client projects, and download their product launch kit for additional resources.



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