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2K . 4K . OK

Simplify today's mixed resolution installations with the SmartEDID feature on all WyreStorm 4K HDR HDBaseT matrix switchers. Get Smart.

Addressing the increase in mixed 2K/4K installations, WyreStorm SmartEDID™ dynamically reacts to changes in source routing to output the highest possible source resolution compatible with all displays, thereby removing any conflict when combining 1080p and 4K screens within the same installation. Available on WyreStorm H2 | H2A-KIT | H2C | H2X HDBaseT matrix switchers.


Watch below to learn more about WyreStorm SmartEDID and get the most from your AV distribution.







WyreStorm's Global Product Manager, James Meredith, spoke to Commercial Integrator and answered three big AV over IP questions. Click the image above to find out what they were.




InfoComm 2017 Revisit. Review.

WyreStorm's InfoComm 2017 was a three-day non-stop rollercoaster of Pro AV innovation! Watch the video and take the ride!



Extending 2K: Low on Cost Big on Features

Check out the new EX-70-G2 extender set. Unrivalled point-to-point AV distribution with CEC over HDBaseT at unbeatable value.



4K HDR HDBT Matrix with Audio Breakout

4x4 H2 matrix + 4x PoH receivers with audio options and CEC triggering. Rock solid AV distribution that's all about install convenience!





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