New WiPG 1000-P; wePresent enhances its entry level model.




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Spaces from classrooms to conference rooms are becoming more interactive, and the technology must keep up with the changes in order for users to be successful. That is why wePresent has decided to enhance its entry level model WiPG 1000-P.


New WiPG-1000-P


Our entry level presentation gateway, which includes basic presentation tools, offers wireless presentation and screen sharing from any device in up to 1080p resolution. It has been enhanced with NEW features to make your presentation experience even smoother.


AirPlay Support: Now iOS users can easily share audio/video content without installing any additional software or app.


2.4 / 5 GHz Dual WiFi: Broadcast a 2.4, or 5 GHz wireless SSID signal for your team or your guests to connect to.


USB Guest Access: Enables users to present without installing any software on their computer in as little as 5 seconds.


Customized Start Screen: Integrate your organization’s branding by customizing the start screen of your presentation units.




Discover Our Case Studies

Exclusive case studies on how wePresent presentation systems have allowed corporations and educational organizations to revolutionize their meetings, classrooms and presentations. (Read: SAE Media Institue to bring the latest presentation technology to the next generation of creative tech leaders.)



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The wePresent presentation systems offer collaboration solutions that work in any environment, including education, corporate, government, and more. Select a feature to discover how it can benefit your organization.



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With a three tiered series, Present Series: WiPG 1000-P, Interact Series: WiPG 1600 & 2000 and Collaborate series: WiCS 2100. wePresent provides wireless presentation solutions for any environment and any device.





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