Philips nieuwsbrief mei 2016


Philips nieuwsbrief mei 2016



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You've got great content, but how do you show it? Meet CMND & Create, the content management module of CMND. Drag and drop widgets, various media, or any customized content onto the graphical editor and push out your new content onto all connected displays. All from one location. Gone are the days of configuring the display settings one by one. Instead, update and control your environment of displays, all at once. Plus, you`ve got the ability to update software remotely, ensuring that your business keeps running no matter what. All with CMND & Control.


Roadshow 2016

Philips Professional Display Solutions will initiate another Roadshow in Q2 2016, bringing Game Changing Innovations to your doorstep. We'lll take a two month journey from Amsterdam to Stockholm and on the way, we will premier a wide range of new features and intelligent solutions. Check out our schedule here!

Learn more about our lineup:

To see our full lineup, as well as more information about our game changing innovations, download the brochure.

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