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4K/2K Installations, Scaled


"I love wasting money constantly upgrading to the most current technology” – said no one, ever.

Sure, we live in a 4K world, but why should it be at the expense of your high-end 2K displays or projectors? With the WyreStorm RX-70-4K-SCL HDBaseT scaling receiver it doesn’t have to be.


With the demand for mixed 4K/2K installations on the increase, the RX-70-4K-SCL lets you to keep your expensive 1080p display or projector by giving you 4K or 2K scaling whenever, and wherever you need it.


In addition to its internal scaling, the RX-70-4K-SCL supports uncompressed 4K HDR video @60Hz and multichannel audio over HDBaseT up to 70m/230ft with Ethernet, bidirectional IR, RS-232 and CEC control triggered either automatically or via Telnet API. ARC signals can also be sent back to a compatible WyreStorm HDBaseT matrix, and audio breakout enables connection to a local amplifier.


Developed for today’s AV installations, RX-70-4K-SCL is tailor-made for any application combining 4K and 2K display devices to offer an AV signal management solution of real scale.


RX-70-4K-SCL at a glance:


  • 5-Play HDBaseT transmission for 4K UHD to 70m/230ft
  • Connects an ARC compatible Smart TV to a centrally located AVR
  • Compatible with Dolby or DTS 5.1 audio from On-Demand content
  • S/PDIF breakout of an optical audio source device located in a zone
  • Supports latest 4K UHD sources with HDCP 2.2 encryption






WyreStorm and QSC have announced a new software partnership to enable seamless integration of the QSC Q-SYS with WyreStorm NetworkHD AV over IP line

QSC, LLC and WyreStorm, a leading specialist in AV signal management and control over IP, HDBaseT and HDMI, have announced integration between the QSC Q-SYS™ Platform and WyreStorm’s award-winning NetworkHD™ AV over IP solutions.


Click below to read the press release for full details on this exciting new technology partnership and what it means for your AV projects.






Point-to-Point perfection. Expand your AV experience.

With four models in the H2 Series HDBaseT extender solutions, transmitting crystal clear 4K and more has never been easier.



NHD-230-TX. Stream it. Watch it. Live it.

Say hello to the NetworkHD NHD-230-TX standard H.264 encoder with PoE and get ready for a life of streaming simplicity.



Multi-View, Multi-Tasking AV over IP Magnificence.

The NetworkHD NHD-220-RX Multi-View Decoder Makes Short Work of Source and Display Monitoring.





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