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Easy sound control with SieRRa II

In a true case study, an AV technician was called to help replace a screen when the customer brought up another problem. He said people using the company’s meeting rooms were struggling to control the sound.


The customer has a large meeting room that can be divided into several smaller meeting rooms using folding walls. The sound distribution is controlled by a large multi-channel amplifier, which has a menu for adjusting the sound in the different rooms. However, company employees were often confused by the amplifier’s complex menu for managing the zones. The customer asked if there was an easier way to control the amplifier and sound in the different meeting rooms.


The AV technician, a Neets reseller, provided a straightforward answer: a Neets SieRRa II, controlled using an iPad. This simple and easy-to-use solution gave the customer an easy zone control and enabled them to send different sounds to each room, while users of the individual meeting rooms could easily manage the different zones turning the sound on and off. The laminated sheets on the amplifier that explain the complex zone menu are now not needed for most uses.


The set-up


  • Wall mounted screen
  • Amplifier equipped for RS-232 control
  • Loudspeaker system
  • Barco ClickShare presentation solution
  • Neets SieRRa II control
  • iPad (or alternatively a Neets Touch Panel)


Experience the Neets Control – SieRRa II here

Have you upgraded to Neets Project Designer 1.11.1?

Back in May we released Neets Project Designer 1.11.1 and Neets Device Editor 1.5.0
Included in this release were “New Ways to Control Devices”, support of PJLink and an improved Level Control – just to mention some of the features.


If you haven’t already upgraded your Neets Project Designer to this version, we strongly recommend you do so to make sure you always have access to our newest features and functions.


Sneak peek

We're preparing for product launch. Stay tuned...


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Easy sound control: True story

An AV technician was helping replace a screen the customer raised another problem: How do you control the sound in several smaller meeting rooms using the same amplifier – without having to use the amplifier’s complex menu?


Read the AV technicians answer here



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