Neets: We bring your message to life




We bring your message to life

Today, Neets is proud to introduce you to two great new additions to their product range.


Never again will poor sound quality in video calls or meetings spoil your experience. In our constant quest to make life easier for presenters we introduce Neets Sound Bar - SB1.


The Neets Sound Bar - SB1 is a stylish sound bar designed to bring your message to life. Whether you’re in a meeting presenting a video, playing an audio track or facilitating a conference call, the quality of the sound is crucial. That is why we have created the Neets Sound Bar - SB1.


Our product range has never sounded better: see more here!

Do you want great meetings?

But the Neets Sound Bar - SB1 is not all. With the Neets “Welcome to the Room” bundle we assure an easy meeting startup by providing an image that guides the presenter through connecting the computer and selecting the correct sources.


We can help you have great meetings.


See in depth information about “Welcome to the Room” here



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