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Kit Out In-Wall Kits and Improve Your 4K HDBaseT Distribution

"They're comin' outta the walls!"

Everyone's favorite Colonial Marine might have been talking Aliens, but it's just as applicable to Class A HDBaseT signals via WyreStorm's new 4K in-wall transmitter and standalone receiver kits.


Considerably more useful point-to-point than a Xenomorph.


Geeky movie quotes aside, the TX-IW-70-POH-KIT and TX-SW-IW-0201-KIT are 2-Gang in-wall Class A HDBaseT transmitter and standalone PoH receiver kits featuring front-facing HDMI or HDMI and VGA with audio input offering local source connectivity.


Located in-wall you'll find Class A HDBaseT 5Play supporting transmissions of 4K UHD with HDR and HDCP 2.2, multichannel audio, bidirectional control via IR and RS-232, PoH power and Ethernet passthrough over distances up to 70m/230ft or 1080p/60Hz/48bit up to 100m/328ft.


Both models can be used either as a single source point-to-point extender or as part of a compatible WyreStorm HDBaseT matrix system containing an HDBaseT input for decentralized source distribution. The decora wall plate offers inconspicuous local connectivity and control for a remote source to suit any interior, while the PoH receiver supports serial routing and CEC pass-through within an impossibly thin chassis for convenience and ease of installation behind any wall mount.


Ideal for use within small meeting room, classroom or even residential environments, the TX-IW-70-POH-KIT and TX-SW-IW-0201-KIT offer a refined HDBaseT wall-plate TX/RX solution for the delivery of HDMI and VGA with audio signals within any modern 4K or HD application.


TX-IW-70-POH-KIT and TX-SW-IW-0201-POH at a glance:


  • Complete 2-Gang Decora in-wall Class A HDBaseT transmitter and standalone receiver kit - MK-Euro compatible versions coming Q4 2017.
  • Models include HDMI only input (TX-IW-70-POH-KIT) or auto-switching HDMI/VGA with audio inputs (TX-SW-IW-0201-KIT)
  • Extends 4K UHD video with HDR (HDMI only) up to 70m/230ft or 1080p to 100m/238ft
  • Class A HDBaseT 5Play support: 4K/HD video, multichannel audio, Ethernet passthrough, control (IR & RS-232) and Power over HDBaseT
  • Receiver supports serial routing and CEC passthrough when used as part of compatible matrix system
  • HDCP 2.2 compliant
  • Powered either locally or remotely from included receiver or PoH compatible matrix if used as part of a WyreStorm matrix switcher system
  • Built-in IR receiver window for easy TV/projector control, EDID management and automatic input detection
  • Signal status LED indication between devices for ease of installation


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See Ya Sensational San Diego!

As another CEDIA closes its doors for another year, it's time to reflect on some of the highlights from the WyreStorm booth at last week's show in San Diego.


We promised to up the AV ante at this year's CEDIA with new WyreStorm 4K HDR solutions for residential applications that would blow your mind... and the competition away!


We didn't disappoint and served up perfect demonstration of exactly what we mean by providing the “right technology for the application" with our latest in modular HDBaseT, HDMI and 1Gb and 10Gb AV over IP - as WyreStorm's James "one-take" Meredith so eloquently summed up on the final day of the show.


Our huge thanks to all visitors to the WyreStorm booth. As always, it was a great pleasure to meet old friends and make a whole bunch of new ones. We'll see you all in San Diego again next year. Bring your board shorts! Over to you, James...





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Modular H2X. Full Bandwidth 4K HDR Over Copper & Fiber

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CEDIA 2017:
Ultimate Quality 4K HDR Over 10Gb SDVoE

James Meredith introduces our new NetworkHD 600 Series launched at CEDIA 2017. Uncompressed, zero latency AV quality that's mathematically identical to to the source.
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CEDIA 2017:
H2C Matrix Switchers Go Modular, Give Options

Dave Schorah shows off the modular version of our award-winning H2 Series 4K HDR matrix switchers. Choose from 6 and 8-way HDBaseT PoH matrix chassis and a selection of 4 transmission cards for true custom 4K distribution tailored to the needs of any project.





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