Kramer: New Easy-to-Install, Low-Profile Wireless Charging Spots




Innovative. Wireless. Effortless.


Kramer's new, beautiful, built-in wireless charging spots make charging your phone at the meeting (literally) effortless. Simply place your phone down on the conference table, and... well, that's it!


Modular Cable Management Solution with Wireless Charging

The TBUS-1-KWC is an elegant, modular table- or podium-mounted cable management solution with a wireless charging lid.


Wireless Charging Spot

The KWC-1 is an elegant, low-profile wireless charging station mounted on any table surface with single-hole installation.


Wireless Charging Receivers (Lightning and Micro-USB)

The KWC-LTN and KWC-MUSB wireless receivers provide wireless charging for mobile devices without Qi compliance.





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