Update available for Neets Project Designer (v1.12.1)


Neets released Neets Project Designer 1.12.1. This new version has integration of week scheduler, integration of KNX and new graphical themes and project templates.


If you haven’t already upgraded your Neets Project Designer to this version, Neets strongly recommend you do so to make sure you always have access to their newest features and functions.

New Features:

  • Integration of week scheduler.
  • Integration of KNX.
  • New graphical themes (Bright Matterhorn and ARONA) and project templates.
  • It is now possible to test e-mail settings, even when it is using auto settings.
  • Many of the graphical elements is using white text which was hard to see on the background in the toolbox. The background is now changed to a gray color.
Bug Fixes:
  • Two different devices with different level sequence of different types was not allowed, and is now blocked.
  • When changing the minimum and/or maximum value of a level sequence, the buttons, sliders and feedback items using this was not updated.
Download (Ver. 1.12.1 (17-10-2017) Setup file (186.7 MB)


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