wePresent WiCS-2100 Firmware Upgrade Now Available




WiCS-2100 Firmware Upgrade Now Available

wePresent is working to improve your collaborative learning and meeting experience. A firmware upgrade has already been pushed to your WiCS-2100 unit.


Here’s What’s New:


  • Support for Gatekeeper settings
  • Support save / open annotation to USB
  • Support for touch calibration
  • Support for UoIP
  • Support for CEC – Monitor power on / source switch
  • Support for WPA Enterprise station mode
  • Support for DFS channel
  • Support for output resolution 1920x1200 (16:10)
  • Win/Mac Sender:
    • Support for manual input auto-complete
    • Support for virtual frame notification during projection
    • Support for auto layout switch with hotkey
    • Support for double click to show device info
  • Projection stability improvement


You can confirm installation on individual units or schedule and deploy updates to all WiCS-2100 units on your network with Collaborative ManagementSuite.


If you’d prefer to download the firmware directly or review release notes, visit the wePresent Downloads page


Have issues with updating firmware? Reach out to wePresent tech support for assistance.




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