Intuitive, Smart Keypads by Neets




Intuitive, Smart Keypads

Would you like to improve the user experience in meeting rooms where you have a display? Do you often have remotes that disappear, and their batteries run low, which frustrates users? To avoid this situation, have a smart keypad controller in the room!


If you have keypads instead of remotes, you have the same user interface in every meeting room. In that way, all functions (turning the display on/off, switching between laptops, etc.) are done the same way in every room.


Users find it easy and intuitive, and it requires much less support.


Learn more about our keypads here

Neets News


ISE 2018


We had a fantastic ISE show in Amsterdam! We were amazed by the great interest in our products. We were especially excited about how well our new Neets MiniConnect and Welcome to the Room were embraced.


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Neets MiniConnect — No More Cable Clutter


Tired of meeting room cable clutter? Neets MiniConnect is the perfect solution. It’s so flexible, you can use the MiniConnect in any room with wireless connectivity to provide an easy, accessible backup solution. You can customize the MiniConnect to fit the room’s specific needs.


If you want an easy-to-install tabletop solution combined with a sleek design, look here.

Welcome to the Room


With the Neets Welcome to the Room solution, you can always start your presentation on time—without any stress. It’s simple:


1) Enter the meeting room, and a guide will automatically pop up at the display.

2) Follow the steps described in the guide.

3) Start your presentation.


Learn how we can help you focus on your meeting and the collaboration here.

Distributor of the Year


We are proud to announce that our Swedish distributor, AudioVision, has been selected the Neets’ Distributor 2017. Congratulation to the AudioVision team! Thanks for such outstanding commitment.


The award was presented to AudioVision at a reception hosted by us during ISE 2018, held in Amsterdam earlier this month.


Go here to read why Audiovision was selected Distributor of the Year.



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