Neets Tech Update: New Version of Project Designer




New Version of Project Designer

Today we are releasing a new and updated version of our software, and in this release we added two great functions to the latest version of our Neets Project Designer that will help you create an easier, more efficient Neets AV solution.


Follow this link to update your software: Neets Project Designer 1.20.0.


You can watch the video "What´s new in Project Designer" here.

Replacement Function

We find that many installations are installed with a graphical interface, which can be time consuming to create. That is probably the reason we have seen an increase across our control systems in requests to reuse the work.


It is possible to replace one control system with another in Project Designer to meet these requests. The function works on all our control systems that have a graphical interface—SieRRa II, TanGo, AlFa II, and DelTa.


The new replacement function allows you to keep the devices you already have in your project, if the control system you change to has the same LAN or serial ports available.


One Device Driver Opens for Many Devices



We are doing our best to provide you with as many pre-made device drivers as possible. With this version of Project Designer 733 new device drivers are released.


In the past, Neets released only certified drivers, but in the future, we will release more drivers at a faster pace, because we will start building drivers from the protocols without having the device on which to test the commands.


As a user, you will get the option to change the timing for power on, changing source, etc., and if a command does not work, you can leave a comment for us. This will give you many more devices to choose among to get your job done faster.


When using this function, you will see the chosen device as any normal device in Project Designer, but when adding the device to your project, you will be asked to enter the timing the specific device needs.


You can download Neets Project Designer here or fill out the form Get Access.




KNX Support – a benefit in any type of building

Would you like to have direct access to control KNX devices functions such as on/off,
dimming and control of blinds and screens? We have made sure you have an easy access
when you configure your Neets AV solutions.


Go here to find out how simple it is.






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