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Thinking of AVoIP?
The New NetworkHD Technical Reference Guide Has the Answers

Whether you're new to AV over IP, thinking of specifying your first WyreStorm NetworkHD system, or installing a new NetworkHD Series solution, you'll no doubt have some questions. Luckily, our new enhanced NetworkHD Technical Reference Guide has all the answers.


Think of the NetworkHD Technical Reference Guide as your go-to resource for a whole host of information on our NetworkHD AV over IP line and the main considerations when specifying an NetworkHD system, with topics including, but not limited to:


  • Main advantages of using AVoIP
  • What AVoIP technologies WyreStorm offers and the differences between them
  • The different components that make up a NetworkHD system
  • How and when these components should be used
  • Which NetworkHD AVoIP technology is best for your application?
  • Application scenarios
  • System design guidelines and requirements
  • System infrastructure and requirements
  • Relevant PoE standards used within a NetworkHD system
  • How multicast is managed
  • Ethernet connectivity types required
  • Generic guidance on network switch requirements and what type of switch you should buy
  • Installation guidance and checklist


Click below to download the NetworkHD Technical Reference Guide
and find out why the AVoIP technology matters.


Download the NetworkHD Technical Reference Guide >>




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