Kramer AD-RING: Turn your HDMI display cables into superstars




The Kramer AD-RING provides display adapters and adapter cables in HD and 4K for any device. Made of durable stainless steel, it can be secured in any presentation space, giving you the confidence that you’ll always be ready with the right display adapter.


Ideal for All A/V Presentation Applications




  • Easily securable with provided cable clamp and security loop
  • Provides a complete set of in-room display adapters for any space
  • The perfect solution to BYOD connection confusion
  • Dramatically reduce the cost associated with cable loss/theft
  • Eliminate meeting inefficiency caused by connection issues


Available in Various Combinations Of:




  • DisplayPort (M) HD or 4K
  • Mini DisplayPort (M) HD or 4K
  • Mini HDMI Type-C (M) HD or 4K
  • Micro HDMI Type-D (M) HD or 4K


Adapter Cables


  • Mini DisplayPort (M) 4K
  • USB Type-C (M) 4K





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