AOPEN All-in-One Touch Displays





The AOPEN All-in-One Touch Displays are especially designed for commercial use. The robust and stylish design of the All-in-One Displays ensures flexible usage in an array of environments. These exceptionally powerful and interactive touch displays can really wow your audience. Furthermore the interactivity is an ideal tool to gain an understanding of your audience behavior and preferences, giving you the chance to adjust to a more targeted and personalized marketing campaign.


Chromebase Mini 10"

Smaller Surface. Superior Service. Commercial Grade Chrome Base 10" All-in-One Multi-Touch Solution.


Introducing the Chromebase Mini 10’’ Multi-touch solution, an ultra-thin and powerful device specifically designed for commercial and corporate usage, with a high-touch experience.



eTILE 15M series

The eTILE 15M series is an ultra-thin, ultra-powerful and multi-purpose 15.6" multitouch PC tile, based on Intel Core Processor technology and built to perform in the most demanding commercial environments. The eTILE 15M is highly robust with built-in cable management so that no ports are visible to the customer, making the device totally secure and tamper proof.



eTILE 19M series

The eTILE 19M is an ultra-thin and exceptionally powerful 18.5" multi-touch PC tile. Designed for commercial retail use, it also has a keen sense of style and aesthetic detail with a slick piano black construction that will enhance any shopper's user experience. It is the kind of device that will markedly improve the engagement between the customer and your brand as a result.




eTILE 22M series

The eTILE 22M is an ultra-thin is ultra-thin commercial all-in-one touch panel. Based on 3rd Generation Intel Core technology this powerful dynamic PC till will enhance the interactive experience. Furthermore it incorporates a high quality 16:9 Full HD 21,5" LCD screen with a lockable screen keypad to minimize user tampering.



Chromebase Commercial 22"

The Chromebase Commercial 22" is designed for commercial use. The Chrome based multi-touch is ultra-thin and exceptionally powerful.


The Chromebase Commercial is a solid-state device designed to be extremely robust and secure, making it ideal for interactive public desplay in high traffic environments (i.e as a digital signage, POS kiosk system). For connecting other devices such as POS peripherals and authentication devices (i.e. Biometrics), the Chromebase Commercial has commercial ports, ruling out the need for multiple power cables.





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