Neets support update


New firmware in the Neets Sound Bar SB1

From serial number 174801801 and forward we have made some alterations in the firmware.

  • Default EQ setting is now “Voice” (Previous “Music)
  • Auto power off time is now 15 minutes (Previous 3 minutes)

The reason for changing the auto power off is that in some cases the end users have seen that the Sound Bar shuts down too soon when using it in VC setups especially when there is long periods of silence.


To notify the customers of the EQ change, we’ve put a note in the box of the sound bar.

Kindermann Klick & Show driver

Several of you distributors have taken on the Kindermann Klick & Show wireless presentation and therefore you have requested a driver. In cooperation with Kindermann we have made a driver for the device, so that you have one more incentive to sell a package with a Neets controller. It is not the integration like the one you know from Clickshare.The Klick & Show is based on feedback to our controller, which then shifts to the correct source and what else is on the button, just like feedback works on any other device.


Of course we have made a knowledge base article about the topic, and it can found here.


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