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Make it Simple. Make a Connection. Truly Collaborate


NovoPRO is a wireless presentation and collaboration device, designed for modern interactive meeting rooms and classroom learning activities. NovoPRO supports true screen mirroring from iOS and Android devices. It features screen preview/moderator control, 4-to-1 projection, video streaming, instant response system (IRS), file sharing, and access to cloud-based resources. Built-in, whiteboard-interactive features encourage meeting or classroom participation, and all Novo's can be managed remotely over the network.


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NovoPRO connects all WiFi devices with high quality performance

NovoPRO supports all types of WiFi enabled devices including iPads, iPhones, as well as their Android equivalents, alongside Chromebooks, laptops and all types of desktop PC. NovoPRO has the ability to stream 1080p video content up to sixty frames per second to ensure smooth, high quality wireless video, thanks to a powerful Quad Core Processor. Featuring a built-in Ethernet port and WiFi allow for standard dual network support for both a wired and wireless connection

Connect your guests with the Launcher

For guests to join the meeting instantly, the optional Launcher set allows for instantaneous screen sharing though this plug-n-play USB connected device without installing any software to their laptops. The Launcher set consists of a hub with 4 devices and operates with Windows and Mac.The four placement buttons that assign the split screen and connect button are very intuitive.

TNT award and IF certification

NovoPro and Plug & Connect Launcher has received two honorary awards this year. The prestigious Top New Technology @ ISE Award and the iF Design Award.

Full Connectivity

NovoPRO connects to your display via HDMI and supports HD 1080p at 60 FPS. It supports video playback of 4k Ultra HD at 30 FPS using only the microSD slot.

Key Features

·         Cable-free, clutter-free meeting rooms using Wi-Fi connectivity

·         Full screen mirroring of iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC and Mac supported

·         On-screen annotation

·         Screen capture and distribution

·         Wireless file sharing

·         QR-code device connection (PIN-securable)

·         Easy access to Cloud resources

·         Display up to four devices simultaneously

·         Optionally equipped with Launcher - software download not required

·         Ease of connection and operation

·         Security and moderator functions

·         Fully equipped with interactive and collaborative features

·         Dual-network support with hotspot and Wi-Fi modes



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