New version of Neets Project Designer


The latest version of Neets Project Designer includes new important new functions that better address the needs of system integrators and IT administrators.


Neets is releasing the newest version of Neets Project Designer today. Their in constant dialogue with their software’s users and always work to optimize the software to remain as useful and relevant as possible. They have added 2 new important features; hostname support and live monitoring while removing a function that was deemed outdated.


Hostname support

Static IP addresses have been the preferred way of connecting AV equipment for a long time. This has provided the stability and reliability that DHCP does not typically provide. Recently,  however, Neets has started to encounter several installations where the IT administrator desires the flexibility DHCP provides. By adding hostnames as they know them from web addresses, Neets get a solution that is both stable and flexible. 


When configuring Neets Control – UniForm, SieRRa II, LiMa, TanGo and AlFa II, you can now specify the hostname of the device you want to control instead of its IP address.

Live monitoring

Troubleshooting in a complex installation can be challenging and time-consuming. Neets has tried to make the process a bit easier with the new “Live monitoring” function. With this new feature, you connect Project Designer to the control system and get vital information from the system like:

  • Connection state to all LAN devices
  • Connection state of all Neets extension devices
  • State of all input
  • State of all output
  • State of all relays
  • Indication on incoming/outgoing traffic on all RS232/IR ports

The information is updated in real-time and gives you the perfect tool to do troubleshooting in an installation.




Deprecated function in Neets Control OsCar and EcHo Plus 

When Neets introduced Echo Plus and OsCar, they included a static web interface so that the system could be controlled remotely. The purpose of this function was to give the AV/IT responsible at the end-customer a useful and time-saving support tool. 

It has now been a couple of years since Neets launched this function, and the overall feedback is that the function is not being used, and end-customers prefer a central monitoring solution. Neets is, therefore, removing this function in the newest PD update. This also helps Neets make space for new future functions in the software. 

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