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Welcome to our November newsletter. This month, we feature the latest additions to our ranges of laser projectors and 4K displays. Read on to learn what these new solutions can do for you and catch up on the latest industry news and training opportunities.



> New RCQ10 projector helps you create immersive, colour-rich environments

> Introducing the first laser LCD projector range with liquid cooling technology

> Panasonic expands 4K SQ1 display range with Intel SDM function slot

> Register now your visit to our booth at ISE 2020

> Panasonic’s new IT/IP-centric platform revealed at IBC 2019

> Panasonic announces availability for the world's smallest 50K lumen

> Colours keep getting better and it’s important we see the difference

New RCQ10 projector helps you create immersive, colour-rich environments

Introducing Panasonic’s new 4K Ready* 1DLP laser projector series, designed for rental and staging, museums and theme parks.


The PT-RCQ10 series delivers its vibrant colour images as a result of Panasonic’s unique Rich Colour Harmoniser technology, which expands 1DLP colour reproduction capabilities to a new level.

On top the new Smooth Pixel Drive, Panasonic’s newly developed imaging processing system, sharpens the characters and smooths out diagonal lines and curves to achieve an output resolution of 4,608,000 pixels. Further improvements to our unique SOLID SHINE laser cooling system provides 20,000 hours of maintenance-free, super durable performance.

Available to purchase from November 2019.

*4K Ready is Panasonic’s technology for accepting a 4K signal input (3840 x 2160 or 4906 x 2160) when combined with Panasonic’s Smooth Pixel Drive technology that shifts each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels to create a 2715 x 1697 high-resolution image.

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PT-MZ16 series, introducing the world’s first laser LCD projector range with liquid cooling technology

The MZ16K series is the world’s first laser LCD projector with liquid cooling technology making it the quietest and most powerful Panasonic projector of its type on the market.

The series ranges between16,000, and 10,000 lumens of brightness, in addition the MZ16K Series is able to accept 4K/60p input signal and is compatible with Panasonic Geo manager pro software

Built for reliability, the optical block in the PT-MK16K range uses a Triple Drive Engine with Panasonic’s original compact inorganic phosphor wheel to ensure non-stop operation and maintained high brightness even with an unexpected laser failure. Thanks to the eco filter the projectors are capable of up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free performance.

Available for purchase from mid-November 2019

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Panasonic expands 4K SQ1 display range with Intel SDM function slot

Panasonic has added new sizes to its range of SQ1 4K displays, with 49”, 55” and 65” displays available for purchase in November 2019.

This offers commercial display and solution providers a lot of flexibility to create stand-alone and state-of-the-art applications for digital signage, interactive whiteboards, video conferencing and point-of-sale terminals.

The SQ1 series offers a wide range of installation options, from landscape to portrait, face-up or tilt and can be managed remotely via Digital Link HDBaseT or connected in loop 4K Daisy chain with Display Port.

The Intel SDM slot in the SQ1 offers businesses flexible options to future-proof display solutions by easily upgrading to the latest generation of Intel processors, particularly for RAM and storage.




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Panasonic’s new IT/IP-centric platform revealed at IBC 2019

Panasonic recently presented its brand-new IT/IP-centric platform at IBC 2019, ahead of its launch in 2020. This new generation video system is based on an open software architecture and brings ground-breaking innovations to many markets in the video industry.

The platform is a more affordable option than traditional hardware-centric products, and its super low frame latency processing makes it an extremely powerful tool in all contexts and applications.

Thanks to a very intuitive, fully customizable GUI interface,
it sets a new standard of usability for customers, allowing them to manage an unlimited number of video layers, and to build and run any kind of application

The new platform is the perfect solution for a smooth transition to the IP world and offers a new level of flexibility and control, being at the heart of any kind of video production.



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Colours keep getting better and it’s important we see the difference

Think of your favourite colour. Is it blue? Apparently, I will be right four times out of ten because blue is by far the most popular colour in the world. Counted as favourite by 40% of the world’s population, far more than second placed purple at 14% or lowly black in last.

Breakthroughs in colour projection are helping to make the world a brighter, more colourful and immersive place. Thomas Vertommen, European Product Manager for Projectors at Panasonic Visual System Solutions, looks at our fascination with colour and how new technology is helping us replicate the colour of the natural world.


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