Nieuwsbrief Neets - februari 2020


Neets Newsletter  | February 2020

It has been really great to meet many people at our booth at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. We have since written two articles about our time at ISE2020; what you could see at our booth and a review of major themes and trends at ISE.  We hope you will enjoy these, and you are welcome to share these articles on your website or social media channels. 


ISE Lead follow-up 

This year, we estimate that we’ve had over 1000 visitors at our booth and a whopping 950 scanned leads, including 100 end-customers. All the leads have been sent an automated “Thank you for visiting our booth” email from the relevant Neets Business Manager and uploaded to our lead management software; enabling us to track their behavior on our website. This means that we can track what webpages they are visiting and assess their level of interest in the Neets brand and products.

We are then passing on the hottest leads from your country to you so that you can get in touch with them. 


Feedback from ISE 

The 4 new featured products at ISE were Solvo by Neets,  Neets 8” Touch Panel – ECO, the Bolzano Graphical User Interfaces and the newly released Cisco Touch 10 integration in Project Designer. Feedback on the products was overwhelmingly positive!  

Interest in Neets Control – UniForm was also high, as was interest in Neets Project Designer, our drag-drop configuration software. The ‘green’ concept was also a hit, with the majority of visitors acknowledging that focus on sustainability and energy efficiency is growing in every market.

Integrators are also keen on Solvo by Neets, seeing its potential in helping them reach rooms they have had to forego before.  

Cisco Touch 10 integration 

The Cisco Touch 10 integration was an eye-catching element at our booth, and many visitors who were not familiar with Neets stopped by to inquire about it – including team members from Cisco! System Integrators; especially those we were not familiar with Neets products before visiting us, were very excited to see how quick and easy it is to extend the touch panel’s functionality with Project Designer. We see this as a huge opportunity to introduce Neets control systems to new System Integrators in your market.


Solvo by Neets 

We are happy to inform you that Solvo by Neets will be launched with an MSRP of EUR395 and expected shipping is May 2020. We will make presentations, press releases and marketing materials available for you in the coming months.  

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