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Solvo by Neets


3 rock-solid arguments
to use in your next meeting.

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Solvo by Neet is an affordable product designed for a very specific application:
huddle rooms/ small meeting rooms with a low budget and entry-level video conferencing requirements.

1. Foolproof start = No IT support

With Solvo by Neets, getting started with remote meetings is as simple as plugging in a single USB cable and launching their preferred UC platform. A product that requires little or no onboarding and will generate no "How do I turn it on??!!” emails to the IT team.

2. Flexible connections = Tailor-made solution

Solvo by Neets has 3 x USB and 2 x AUX ports that you can use to create an AV system with precisely the feature set your customer needs. The system can be quickly and easily modified or upgraded to fit the customer’s needs as they change. HDMI-CEC provides automated on/off and the Ethernet port enables network access. 

3. Versatile = Attractive

Solvo by Neets is easy to use, is compatible with any UC platform and can be used with any combination of AV devices. The solution can be tailored to match customers’ needs and budgets perfectly, without extra features that increase the costs unnecessarily. 
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