Introductie NETIO PowerDIN 4PZ



New product: PowerDIN 4PZ

PowerDIN 4PZ is a dual 230V/16A electricity meter with LAN/WiFi and I/O, designed to fit on a DIN rail.

  •  The two metered 230VAC outputs can be switched off thanks to a built-in relay.
  •  Two other outputs feature NO/NC relay contacts.
  •  Two digital inputs can be used to connect push-buttons or S0 meters.

Basic specifications of PowerDIN 4PZ

  •  LAN or WiFi connection, NFC configuration
  •  WEB interface
  •  Channels 1, 2: metering + relay
  •  Channels 3, 4: relay contacts
  •  OPEN API: MQTT-flex, Modbus/TCP, Telnet, JSON, XML, SNMP, ..
  •  ZCS – Zero-current switching
  •  Mobile app: NETIO Mobile2 (Android)
  •  Service: NETIO Cloud
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I/O - Relay outputs & Digital inputs for S0 / momentary switch (Dry contact)


Metered power outputs 1 and 2 are two independently-metered 230V channels. They can be switched on and off with a built-in ZCS relay.

  • Measurements: A, W, Wh, TPF, V, Hz
  • Switching: Relay (ZCS)
  • Max voltage / current: 230V / 16A AC

Relay outputs 3 and 4 are general-purpose NO/NC relay contacts that can be controlled remotely. These two outputs do not support ZCS, and are not connected to the supply voltage.

  • Measurements: none
  • Switching: Relay 
  • Max voltage / current: 230V / 2A AC, 48V / 2A DC

Digital inputs In1 and In2 can be used to connect dry contacts and monitor them using the Open API. In addition, each input includes an S0 pulse counter for monitoring a water meter, an electricity meter or a similar meter.


Typical applications

  • The PowerDIN 4PZ LAN/WiFi electricity meter is typically used for electricity metering and distribution in a DIN electrical cabinet.
  • Remote energy consumption monitoring in one or two circuit branches.
  • Connecting the pulse output of a 3-phase electricity meter to In1 or In2 in order to measure electricity consumption above 16A.
  • Each output can be switched on/off or power-cycled (e.g. to restart all appliances connected to the same circuit branch) from the web interface or the NETIO Cloud service.
  • Controlling the charging of e-bikes, boats and other appliances up to 3.6 kW (230V/16A). 
  • Controlling the outputs using Open API (JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, Telnet, ...)
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