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Crestron driver is available


Crestron is a leading system for intelligent home automation. Thanks to its versatility and applications in many different areas, it has attracted customers world-wide. Crestron is used for intelligent control of homes as well as administrative and commercial buildings.

NETIO devices can be controlled using the JSON API over the http/https protocol. NETIO power sockets can be easily and directly controlled from a Crestron system. For that purpose, ready-made NETIO Lite and NETIO Profi drivers are used.

Drivers for Crestron enables easy integration of NETIO power sockets with this system, which saves time to installers. The drivers support all NETIO devices and various versions of the drivers allow control of power socket outputs (switch on, switch off or restart of your AV equipment) or monitoring electricity values of connected devices.  

Crestron drivers - Lite, Profi and Profi & Support

Crestron driver is available in three different versions:
  • Lite
  • Profi
  • Profi & Support
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AN28 - How to work with Crestron drivers

NETIO AN28 describes how to control NETIO devices and read data from them with a Crestron control processor and the SIMPL environment. Http(s) and JSON are used.

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NETIO can be integrated also with Loxone

NETIO AN53 demonstrates how to connect NETIO smart electrical sockets to the Loxone building automation system. The 230V sockets can be easily controlled from the Loxone system. URL-API or Modbus/TCP protocols can be used for the communication.
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More drivers comming soon


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