Nieuwsbrief NETIO - April 2021


 Situation & time based output control planning in NETIO devices

There are several ways how to plan the switching of power outputs of NETIO devices:

  1. Scheduler function – Weekday & time based output(s) switching
  2. PowerUp sequence – delay for each output definable per output
  3. Advanced LUA scheduler in PowerPDU 4C – custom conditions based
  4. Advanced LUA PowerUp switching sequence in PowerPDU 4C

Basic Scheduler function


The Scheduler function (also called planner or calendar) is included in all NETIO devices today.  Scheduler allows to specify a time plan for switching each  electrical socket On and Off based on time & specific week day.
The Scheduler has a graphical interface controller from the device WEB interface. Predefined schedules can be applied for each power output (socket) individually.
Benefits of Scheduler for the users:

  • Quick and easy way to set up periodic restart in defined time
  • Energy savings (e.g. limited operation during the night)
  • Works even without an Internet (cloud) connection
  • Scheduler function can be combined with other output control (NETIO Cloud)
>> Read more about Scheduler

Basic PowerUp sequence


Defines simple PowerUp sequence scenario when the NETIO device is connected to the power grid. Define if there will be delay (defined time intervals) after the power is turned on for each output.
The purpose is to switch on the individual outputs gradually with a spacing of a few seconds, so as not to overload the circuit breaker too much.

>> Read more about PowerUp sequence

Advanced LUA scheduler in PowerPDU 4C


Week day based output control is sometimes not enough. With LUA scripting you can control outputs in never ending cycle (AN08), based on text defined table (AN07) or based on fixed dates for long-term control (AN17). Lua scripting language is currently available in PowerPDU 4C.


Advanced LUA PowerUp in PowerPDU 4C

Unlike the PowerUp sequence setting, the Lua script can define much more complex sequences. AN45 shows a Lua script that switches individual outputs on and off in a timed sequence when the device is powered up. In this way, a precise power-up sequence of the connected appliances can be defined.

Change output states to opposite state at specific day and time in a week

Can be used for load balancing or backup of server or other electrical equipment
Only one of two selected outputs is switched ON at one time - one day in week can be set up for automatic change states of selected outputs - Configuration file and description is on our GitHub

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