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Oktober 2016

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Welcome to the October newsletter from the Panasonic Visual System Solutions team – your guide to the latest news, events and developments in projectors and displays.
  •   Introducing Panasonic brightest large venue laser projector - RZ31K Series
  •   Compact design, quality and value all combine in the PT-EZ57 LCD projector
  •   New Space player PT-JX200: a lighting projector opening a world of possibilities
  •   Top-quality projection meets high-quality cruising in the Caribbean
  •   Panasonic brings cutting-edge visual technology to the story of rock
  •   Ancient Rome meets the modern day at Moesgaard Museum
  •   World-class Panasonic projection creates world-first experiences with Renault Group
  •   Visual Academy calendar update


Setting a new standard in high-brightness projection with the 31 000 lumens laser projector PT-RZ31K

For brighter, immersive and ultra-reliable projection in auditoriums, museums and large event settings, the Panasonic PT-RZ31K Series sets a new standard. Consisting of two ultra-high brightness 3-Chip DLPTM laser projectors – the PT-RZ31K (WUXGA) and the PT-RS30K (SXGA+) – the range  delivers 31,000 lm (centre) of brightness from exceptionally compact and lightweight bodies.

Available this month, the two projectors feature Panasonic’s proprietary SOLID SHINE laser technology, ensuring incredibly immersive picture quality combined with real maintenance-free design for up to 20000 hours.

A unique Panasonic dual light source allows for uninterrupted projection as it offers redundancy in case of a technical fault. This makes the projector ideal for high-profile entertainment, staging, rental and exhibition applications.

The PT-RZ31K not only offers the extremely high lumen output and superb laser colour reproduction required for large venue applications, but also contains a Real Motion Processor, which uses frame-creation technology to reproduce extremely smooth video images with minimal motion blur.

With dustproof design, long-life eco filter and refined air-intake system adding to the projectors’ reliability and durability, and free 360º installation guaranteeing versatility in every setting, these truly are the ultimate in auditorium and events projection solutions.

Discover more about the standard setting PT-RZ31K Series here >>


Compact size, picture quality and cost-efficiency? Enjoy them all with the PT-EZ57 LCD projector

When choosing a projector for corporate meeting rooms or classrooms, opting for a budget-friendly solution needn’t mean compromising on compact design or picture quality. Panasonic’s new 5,000 lm PT-EZ57 LCD projector delivers them all, along with easy maintenance and system flexibility.

High picture quality comes from high-resolution WUXGA, and Daylight View Basic function, which adjusts the image according to the ambient light conditions.

Low total cost of ownership and easy maintenance are achieved thanks to a long lamp replacement cycle of 5,000 hours (eco mode), easy access to the lamp and filter, a reusable Eco Filter that gives 15,000 hours life, and dust-resistant cabinet.

System flexibility is delivered via a compact body, two HDMI connections, wide area lens shift and 1.8x wide zoom ratio, ultra-quiet operation, horizontal, vertical and corner keystone correction, and wireless projection with optional dongle.

Available with a wide range of mounts, brackets and software, the PT-EZ57 has the performance, versatility and value to be the perfect tool for business and education settings.

You’ll find full product details here>>


Creating new possibilities in every space with the lighting projector PT-JX200 Series

In retail, function venues, museums and exhibitions, where creating impact and engagement are so critical, the Panasonic Space Player opens a world of possibilities by integrating traditional lighting and laser projection in a single spotlight-shaped design.

Combined with specific content or basic mapping software, the Space Player can then be used to bring exhibits to life.

The Space Player can project in all directions below its horizontal axis and can be used in conjunction with SD cards, PCs, and tablets for play back of contents. The use of a laser light source means 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

The new PT-JX200 features 2,000 lm brightness, a high-quality 1-Chip DLP™ imaging system providing crisp XGA resolution. A hybrid colour wheel defines four colour segments for outstanding colour reproduction, and selectable picture mode prioritises colour reproduction for impressive image quality in environments with less ambient light.

Explore the Space Player PT-JX200 features further here>>


High brightness on the high seas with the flagship PTDZ21K2 Evo

With every ship boasting 16 guest decks and 2,090 staterooms, including 1,570 balcony rooms and 373 interior staterooms, all of which have high-tech virtual balconies, it’s fair to say that the three Quantum Class ships of Royal Caribbean International’s fleet are really rather special.

The same level of quality and cutting-edge technology is demanded in the on-board entertainment offered on each vessel – particularly when it comes to the ships’ multi-level great room, Two70.

Unparalleled technology means every show at Two70 is multi-dimensional and immerses the audience through a combination of live performers, breath-taking video and digital scenery. A central pillar of Two70 is Vistarama, a floor-to-ceiling video projection mapping that allows Royal Caribbean to create any scene, real or imagined, as a backdrop to the theatre.  Vistarama combines 18 Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 Evo 20,000 lm projectors to create a stunning 12K resolution screen over 30m wide and 6m tall.

“The technological vision for Two70 belonged to Christopher Vlassopulos of Royal Caribbean,” said Leif Witte, Managing Director of Amptown System Company, responsible for the integration of media and entertainment technology for Royal Caribbean's Quantum class ship generation.

"In his mind the windows seemed like the most technical backdrop. Together with Christopher, Panasonic and coolux media systems, we found a way to embed the projectors perfectly into the architectural environment and make it all happen. The idea to combine these spectacular things has created a show the likes of which you’ve never seen before.”

Read the full story of this maritime spectacular here >>


Panasonic technology is ready to roll at RAGNAROCK museum

Located in Roskilde, Denmark, RAGNAROCK museum celebrates youth culture and music from the 1950s up to the present day. Situated in a distinctive golden studded building the museum makes use of a range of audio-visual technology to tell the story of rock and pop music and their many subgenres.

Opened in April 2016, the permanent exhibition uses a total of 15 Panasonic projectors alongside three 55” Panasonic displays throughout the 1,200-square metre space. The museum also contains a theatre space which regularly hosts music films and documentaries, played out on a Panasonic PT-RZ670 laser projector.

In the entrance to the exhibition, the museum has used four PT-RW630 1-chip DLP™ laser projectors to explore the ways lighting is used in concerts and festivals, using the built-in edge blending functionality to seamlessly create a single immersive image around the visitor.

Find out how we’re supporting this stunning blend of youth culture and music >>


Ancient Rome comes to modern Denmark with Panasonic visual technology

In 2016, Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, Denmark, created ‘Gladiator – Heroes of the Colosseum’, a stunning attraction that presented stories from the lives of the gladiators, giving visitors an up-close journey into the arenas of Rome and Pompeii.

Alongside more than 200 artefacts from ancient Italy, the museum has recreated a Roman amphitheatre, thanks to a 26m projection covering an entire wall of the exhibit. The awning above the spectator area, the ‘Velarium’, and the elevator from the corridors below the Colosseum, from which wild animals are brought to the fights, are just a few of the physical elements that allow the exhibition area to resemble the real Colosseum.

Hidden within the cavea (the concentric rows of stone steps on which the audience sat) are eight Panasonic PT-RZ670 laser projectors. The perfect edge blending from them creates a 20-minute projected movie depicting stories of ancient Rome, taken from period marble friezes.

Each projector features 6,500 lm of brightness, has an extremely compact body and provide  advanced features, such as DIGITAL LINK connectivity, portrait mode capability and multi-screen projection.

An underfloor cage also houses a virtual lion within a Panasonic TH-70LF50 70” flat screen, with the animal ultimately released to interact with the main projected content.

“Before we opened you don’t know how the flow is going to be, we have both traditional artefacts and video elements, but visitors stay for the full 20 minutes,” said Lasse Ugilt Sø, AV technician at Moesgaard Museum. "Redundancy is critical for us, so to know that each of the projectors has 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation gives us peace of mind."

Take a trip into modern-day history here >>


The virtual made possible with Renault Group

A centre of excellence for vehicle-related virtual design, the Renault Group’s Virtual Reality and Immersive Simulation Center features several CAVEs™ (Cave Automatic Virtual Environments), as well as high-performance driving simulators and software tools.

Critical to the creation of these immersive environments was world-class projection, with certain essential prerequisites:
•    maximum resolution in view of the proximity of the walls 
•    the need to eliminate even the slightest shadow
•    perfect image adjustment to achieve fluid visualisation in real time.

It was for these reasons that five Panasonic PT-DZ870 projectors with ET-DLE030 ultra-short throw lenses were chosen.

"We wanted to provide tools adapted to meet the different needs of the different professionals," says Javier Posselt, Project Manager in Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies and Project Manager for the Everyday CAVE (P3i*).

"The Panasonic solutions allowed us to do that. We therefore planned the CAVE™ construction around the Panasonic solutions. As the available space is rather tight, the idea was to maximise the working area, whilst ensuring that extremely high-quality images could be displayed via synchronised direct projection, and to achieve the best brightness/contrast ratio with as fine a pixel as possible."

*P3i : Industrialized Immersive Integration Platform

Discover how we’re helping the Renault Group drive the progress of virtual reality>>


Now available in the Visual Academy course calendar: "Laser Projector Technology & Features"

With its new room facilities and autumn course content, the Visual Academy reaches a new era:
The first training, starting mid-November, will take place in the newly reopened Training Centre for Visual Products in Panasonic's European headquarters, in Wiesbaden.
The face-to-face training about "Laser Projector Technology & Features" will explain the full professional line up with Technology and Features highlighted, and hands on training with the latest products included.


The duration will be from 9:30 to 16:30 and the agenda covered will be:

  • Full Laser Projector Product line up overview
  • RZ31K - 3-Chip DLP and 30,000 Laser Lumen high Brightness and low Maintenance Concept
  • RQ13 - 4K+ resolution & Solid Shine Laser meets 3-Chip DLP Technology
  • RZ970 - Compact & Highest Reliability for high Professional Installation & Rental applications
  • RZ670 - Rebuild through RZ770 and RZ660
  • RZ570 - DLP Laser Phosphor line-up for more Long Term applications
  • New Laser Technologies, features, functions and information

For more details on the Panasonic Visual Academy, and to register your interest, visit our website >>


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