Nieuwe maat beschikbaar voor Da-Lite Wireline Advantage





As requested by customers, Wireline Advantage is now available in a smaller 10’ wide version, giving you another screen size option for large venue projection.


What is Wireline Advantage?
Many large venues feature beautiful architecture that you just don’t want to cover up.
But there’s also a need to project content onto large screens to enhance the event experience.

Luckily, with the Wireline Advantage, you don’t have to compromise. The innovative design actually enhances the architecture of the room instead of hiding it like other screens.


How exactly does it do that? The Wireline Advantage uses thin steel cables instead of black drop to lower the screen. This almost invisibly suspends the viewing area – and only the viewing area – at an appropriate height for the audience. The screen housing also can be easily recessed into the ceiling. 


The result: an installation that leaves the architecture of the room exposed for stunning results.

And now with the new 10’ size available, you have even more options for designing the perfect space.


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