Clevertouch komt met Upgrade voor Lynx5



Upgrade to Lynx5 FREE today


Upgrade to Lynx5 for a faster, smoother, simpler experience – FREE

Cleverlynx has been given a complete visual and practical overhaul, resulting in

Lynx5 an easy to use software with a sleek user interface.


What's New?


The new Media Manager allows you to embed videos

directly into your lessons, without the need to go to an

external browser link.

Access all your tools from the condensed Tools Menu, meaning

that you spend less time clicking in different menus – now

everything is in one, easy to access place using the simple touch interface. 

The new Lesson Dashboard makes it easier to find

recent lessons, and you can also open multiple lessons

simultaneously, making it easy for you to switch

between lessons.

Access Lynx5 Updates instantly, with the Lynx5

twitter feed showing on the Lynx5 home screen, meaning

you never miss out on news, software updates and fixes.

Lynx5 supports Ultra HD 4K resolution content,

so you can view crystal clear images and videos if using a

4K resolution Clevertouch screen. With the new Lynx5 file format

ou can easily access Lynx5 files.

Let your students use Lynx5 without having to worry about

inappropriate language as a Profanity Filter is now

built in to the software.


And Lynx5 still has all the features you are used to from Cleverlynx:


  • Sentence builder
  • Clever content area
  • Clone without annotation
  • Clock features
  • Tables
  • Infinite desktop
  • Calligraphy pen
  • Rainbow pen
  • Word and Excel import
  • Image bank
  • Annotation
  • Screen capture


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