AOPEN Nieuwsbrief december 2016


The AOPEN Surveillance Platform 
AOPEN presents its new, flexible and ruggedized Surveillance Platform. With new levels of reliability, stability and flexibility the AOPEN surveillance devices are changing the video surveillance sector forever.


The AOPEN hardware platform is specifically designed for intense usage and 24/7 operability. Combining the stable and professional grade hardware with the flexible integration possibilities for a better fit in video surveillance solutions.


The newest member of the Digital Engine Family, The DE7400 XEON will be released soon. Specifically designed for the suveillance and storage markets this Intel® XEON based Digital Engine will exceed your expectations, so stay tuned!


AOPEN at ISE 2017
AOPEN will present the best digital signage hardware during Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam from 7-10 of February, 2017.


During this four day event, AOPEN will provide the opportunity to get key insights into the developments of AOPEN hardware solutions for durable employments in different segments. Every AOPEN booth visitor will get a chance to share their experience and network with professionals and peers of the digital signage industry.


Come in, we're AOPEN!

Pre-register for free here with invitation code 246549


Happy Holidays

Thank you for your continued support and partnership this year. We look forward to working with you in 2017. 


We wish you a Merry Christmas
a Happy New Year

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