Aopen introduceert de DE7400 XEON


AOPEN creates Intel’s Visual Data Reference Design Specification compliant product in an Ultra small form factor

New Digital Engine 7400(XE) based on Intel®  Xeon® processor offers flexibility, enhanced security and increased performance.

Amsterdam, February 6th, 2017: The DE7400XE is set to add greater capability to the digital signage market and conquer verticals which include video surveillance, data storage and Edge/Fog processing. 
The massive amount of data being created by IoT applications are overwhelming legacy networks, centralized data centers and today’s cloud computing infrastructure. Real time decision making is key with incurring high network round trip cost and is rapidly driving demand for localized data analytics, data storage, video surveillance and data processing that cannot be met by legacy cloud technologies.
Thus, the IoT Market began seeking ways to extend cloud functionalities at the edge with new market requirements like rich media streaming & recoding, remote management, analytics and hi-performance computing. All can significantly maximize business investments in commercial space by bringing new immersive customer experiences.


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AOPEN, a major global electronics manufacturer and an innovative leader in digital signage market has created the Intel® Xeon® processor-based DE7400XE Visual Data Device to consolidate workload of high end digital signage, video surveillance, analytics, virtualization, SQL server deployments or a combination of the above.
Based on the Intel Xeon processor and Intel’s Visual Data Reference Design Specification compliant product, AOPEN is collaborating with Intel to define standard ways of consolidating workload of IoT applications and bring new usages between Cloud and Client architectures.
“For AOPEN it is important to collaborate with partners to build better tools for the market and gain mutual success by providing new devices and services”, says Stephen Borg, Global Chief Digital Officer at AOPEN.  “AOPEN works closely with Intel to incorporate the latest technology into our devices, combined with a deep knowledge of the sector. This helps us improve our product line as the original design manufacturer and together with Intel we have full control to change elements when needed.”
The AOPEN DE7400 XE can be used as a Discrete (standalone) and Modular (cluster or blade) Visual Data Device configurations by using AOPEN’s engine core accessories.  
“Intel’s Visual Data Reference Design Specification will encourage visual retail, smart classroom and other industries to rethink business models using video and digital signage technologies. With products like AOPEN’s DE7400XE, built on Intel’s Visual Data Reference Design Specification, consumers and businesses will enjoy more immersive experiences using high-performance video and audio, data-driven insights, and seamless collaboration and interactivity,” says Jose Avalos, Global director for Visual Retail and Digital Signage at Intel.




The DE7400XE houses an Intel Xeon E3 v5 processor, handles 3 independent UHD screens, has full HEVC (H.265) hardware acceleration and can drive 4 external Sata hard disks; all at once. The ruggedized small form factor is designed to service high end signage, video surveillance, analytics, virtualization, SQL server or a combination of either verticals.


 Some of the features of the DE7400XE include:

+          Intel Xeon E3 v5 processor
+          Up to 32GB DDR4
+          Mini sas connector to connect 4 sata devices
+          RAID 0,1,5,10,jbod (depending on sata devices)
+          Dual 1Gb LAN
+          2 HDMI and 1 mDP to drive 3 UHD screens


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