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WyreStorm NHD-100-RX HDMI-IP

art. nr 17NHD-100-RX
The NetworkHD™ 100-Series is a matrix-based H.264 HD over IP AV distribution platform. With its simple system configuration and robust feature set, it provides the best value in networked video distribution, without compromising quality.

The NHD-100-RX H.264 decoder is intended for use with an NHD-100-TX H.264 encoder (sold separately) to provide a complete end-to-end streaming system.

Key Features:
- Highly scalable, high quality low-bandwidth solution using the most efficient compression technologies to allow for very large commercial AV deployments
- Streams HDMI over IP networks
- Plug and Play setup with quick networking configuration and auto discovery of components
- Quick Sync™ technology for virtually instantaneous seamless switching
- Full RS232 control of connected displays and CEC One-Touch Play
- Major control systems drivers available including the WyreStorm Enado™ Control System

Moving on from the first generation of WyreStorm NetworkHD™ using JPEG2000 technology, HD over IP takes a great leap forward for ProAV integrators with the NetworkHD 100-Series utilizing H.264 compression for the ultimate in high quality, low bandwidth, highly expandable modular HD distribution over a network.

An Ethernet-based HD-over-IP AV matrix distribution platform offering robust and infinitely scalable matrix distribution over a network, NetworkHD 100-Series takes its cues from its previous JPEG2000 incarnation built around a modular and highly scalable infrastructure design that easily allows the number of sources or zones to be expanded by simply adding more transmitters or receivers, with this next generation of NetworkHD offering a total convergence between IT & Audio Video design.

A flexible, multipurpose IP Network distribution system, NetworkHD 100-Series offer modular system architecture and PoE that removes the limitations of a traditional fixed platform matrix system whilst offering significant cost savings when designing large scale infrastructure systems.

With low latency and low bandwidth demands, the 100-Series offer source HDMI to H.264 encoding, switching, decoding and control with the NHD-000-CTL control unit for content streamed simultaneously through a network switch over conventional LAN without conflicting with other IP devices that might be present to offer super-efficient bandwidth management to make it the perfect tool to manage very large installations over existing LAN infrastructure.

Comprising of the NHD-100-TX Encoder and NHD-100-RX Decoder, the NetworkHD 100-Series offers a highly scalable HD Over IP AV distribution solution for matrix switching over an Ethernet infrastructure, with a simple system configuration and a robust feature set to provide the best possible value in networked video distribution without compromising quality.

Utilizing the most efficient compression technologies to allow for the largest of commercial AV deployments, the 100-Series features high quality low-bandwidth AV distribution with plug and play setup and Bonjour auto-discovery of components for quick networking configuration.

WyreStorm’s Quick Sync™technology offers virtually instantaneous, seamless switching with full RS232 control of connected displays and CEC One-Touch Play, and major control system driver availability, including the WyreStorm Enado™ Control System.

Offering considerable cost and scalability advantages over competing products, as well as an unmatchable ease of installation, the 100-Series is what HD-Over-IP has been waiting for.
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Verkoopprijs € 446,00
Aantal Ethernet LAN (RJ-45)-poorten
Aantal HDMI-poorten
Aantal tuners
228 mm
CE, FCC, RoHS compliant
111 mm
600 g
25 mm
12 V
Maximum resolutie
1920 x 1200 Pixels
Meegeleverde kabels
Audio (3,5 mm)
1 A
Typisch stroomverbruik
6 W
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