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BenQ PT12 Point Write Touch module

art. nr 06-PWTM-PT12

The BenQ PointWrite™ touch technology allows multi-people to collaborate simultaneously on any flat surface with any object or fingers. It helps create joyful learning environment effortlessly with BenQ interactive projectors and ensures an ultra smooth, interruption-free writing experience.


*Touch module is an optional unit for PointWrite™ interactive camera to enable finger touch function.


Key features

  • Used with PointWrite camera module and enables finger touch capability**

  • Support up to 4 fingers writing simultaneously 

  • Gesture support in Win8 and above

  • Dual screen touch for ultra wide working space 

  • Effortless setup with only 1 second auto calibration*

* Calibration speed may vary depending on computer system. 

** Touch module is an optional unit for PointWrite interactive camera PW02, PW01U,PW20U to enable finger touch function.



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Verkoopprijs € 218,00
Kleur van het product
Ondersteunt Windows
Windows 8,Windows 8 Enterprise,Windows 8 Enterprise x64,Windows 8 Pro,Windows 8 Pro x64,Windows 8 x64
Mini-USB B

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