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WyreStorm NHD-NHD-600-RX

NetworkHD Receiver, 10GB IP network
art. nr 17NHD-600-RX

NetworkHD 600 Series 4K HDR Premium AV over IP SDVoE Encoder

The NetworkHD™ Premium AV over IP SDVoE Encoder offers the ultimate AVoIP platform. Supporting highly scalable, high-bandwidth, secure video content alongside multi-channel audio and a plethora of connectivity and control options the 10GbE system is easily managed in a flexible, unified software environment.


Utilizing the SDVoE technology standard, truely lossless and latency-free video distribution can be achieved over IP networks.


4K 60 4:4:4 SUPPORT


The pinnacle of video distribution quality, NetworkHD 600 Series is powered by SDVoE technology to support even the most bandwidth-intensive video content to the tune of 4K at 60fps 4:4:4 up to a pixel clock of 595MHz.




A true connectivity powerhouse, the 600 Series boasts discrete RS-232 and infrared routing, a secondary audio channel and distribution of a separate 1GbE connection, with the added ability to independently route, embed and de-embed up to three separate audio streams.




600 Series frame buffer technology ensures switch command speeds of <100ms, with the video output remaining synchronized to the display during a switch to remove black images or stutter for seamless transition between video sources and modes.




Eliminating source-to-display time difference with a GenLock latency of zero frames, the 600 Series delivers content via a flexible, modular IP network, including a number of desirable attributes used in live AV broadcast sectors.

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WyreStorm NetworkHD™ 600 Series

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