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Chief CSPHK Component Storage Panel kit

art. nr 07CSPHK
The CSPHK supports the custom use of CSPH storage solutions. When broken into thirds, the remaining panels can be installed using the CSPHK. This provides storage near the action while eliminating the mess of components and cables underneath conference rooms and desks. The panel pivots 90° once installed to allow access in vertical position instead of fighting gravity.

- Hinges 90° for ease of access to components
- Shipped with template to ensure accurate mounting of brackets
- Security locking screws
- Supporting surface areas of:
- One-third: 14” x 8.4” (118 sq. in.); 35.5 x 21.3 cm (757 square centimeters)
- Two-Thirds: 14” x 16.8” (236 sq. in.); 35.5 x 42.7 cm (1515 square centimeters)
- Full Panel: 14” x 25.5” (357 sq. in.); 35.5 x 64.8 cm (2258 square centimeters)
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Verkoopprijs € 82,00
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