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Neets Control - LiMa - Controller

art. nr 19310-0304

Unifying different technologies

The LiMa control system connects your devices seamlessly, no matter what.

Control for less complicated rooms

The LiMa control system offers Ethernet port and PoE (Power over Ethernet), 2 bi-directional RS-232 ports, 2 general purpose I/O ports and 2 built in low voltage relays – an ideal match for simpler room setups.

Easy installation

The Small size and the PoE feature makes for a very easy installation, with a minimum of cabling and installation time.

Control of anything and everything

The LiMa control system is a great match for the 4” and 7” touch panel. The bundle enables control of anything and everything, and the touch panel boasts the intuitive ARONA interface.

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Verkoopprijs € 754,00

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