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Chief FCA820 Accessoire

Fusion Center Camera Shelf-8 inch
art. nr 07FCA820
- Allows video conferencing camera to sit between two flat panel displays, on a 8" shelf
- Perfect for multi-screen applications
- Allows screens to be pushed together with a minimal 1" (25 mm) gap between displays
- Use with:
- For wall applications: any set of two Fusion fixed or tilt wall mounts and the FCKXXX Connector Kits
- For cart applications use with XPAUB, XPAUS, XVAUB with FCA623 Dual Display accessory
- For ceiling applications use with several of our LCM Series

Install these accessories to apply AV components or video conferencing equipment with your display.
The following accessories are compatible with all Fusion Series mounts.
- Carts
- Stands
- Ceiling
- Wall
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