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Neets Control - UniForm 8 button Touch C

art. nr 19310-0350

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Bij gebruik van een PoE injector die niet voldoet aan de IEEE802.3af standaard vervalt de garantie.


Infinitely customizable  

Upgrade your meeting room or learning space with the newest AV control system from Neets. This keypad allows you to connect and control all the equipment and devices in a room from one place, eliminating the need for any other remote control.  

Neets has developed this keypad to be flexible and highly compatible with any type of device, regardless of brand and technology. In practice, this gives you control over every aspect of the room - from your audio setup to the lights and window shades. The keypad can easily be customized and adapted to control any new devices you may have in the room in the future. 


E- ink technology  

UniForm has a large, visible display that uses E-ink technology to create digital labels for each button. The digital label is easily customizable - also after mounting! Another benefit is that the installer need only set up the digital label once, which can then be reflected on all the other keypads installed in a building, creating a consistent and instantly recognizable user interface. 


A valuable addition to any room 

Neets' UniForm is a beautifully designed keypad which can be placed in a prominent location in any meeting room or learning space. UniForm's modern and minimalist Scandinavian design fits every type of interior design style and removes excess clutter from a room caused by cables and remote controls.  


Benefits of installing UniForm  

  • Simplifies the way you control your meeting room/learning space equipment 
  • One “remote control” for all your devices – one that never gets lost or runs out of battery 
  • The same user interface can be set up on multiple keypads to increase familiarity and ease-of-use 
  • An intuitive digital interface that clearly explains every button’s function 
  • Large, durable click-buttons with LED lights for improved accessibility and user experience 
  • Designed for wall-mounting – visible and easy to find 
  • Modern, beautiful design that looks good in any room


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