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BenQ PT20 Point Write Touch module

tbv. LH890UST/LW890UST/MW855UST+/MH856+
art. nr 06-PWTM-PT20

Inspirational Collaboration with BenQ Interactive PointWrite™ Touch Module PT20

The BenQ PointWrite™ touch technology allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on any flat surface tuned into a whiteboard with any object or their fingers. PointWrite™ touch technology used in conjunction with BenQ's interactive projectors helps to create a joyful learning environment effortlessly, ensuring an ultra-smooth, interruption-free writing experience.
*Touch module is an optional unit for PointWrite camera to enable finger touch function. PT20 Touch module is an optional unit for PointWrite Kit PW30U, PW40U to enable finger touch function. 

Verkoopprijs € 379,00

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