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BrightSign BSNPass-12

BrighSign Network Pass - 1 jaar
art. nr 34-71BSNPASS12



BrightSign Network is an affordable, secure, service that delivers the complete infrastructure to serve, manage and support your digital signage network, and frees you from the complexities of hosting and maintaining your own network. 



Features BrightSign Network provides you with the tools and interface to:

  • Setup BrightSign players to connect to your BrightSign Network account.
  • Remotely and securely update content, firmware, presentations and schedules.
  • Assign tags to media files and players to effortlessly build tagged playlists and match media and player tags for highly target playback.
  • Divide players into groups for ease of presentation publishing and management.
  • View network health, generate reports, perform maintenance tasks and diagnostics and execute queries based on player tags.
  • Monitor and manage the activity and status of displays using remote snapshot.
  • Perform network administrator functions.
  •  Assign user roles and permissions for conditional access.
  • Easily scale your digital signage network to any size.
  • Includes BrightPlates service.
  • Optional Content Encryption service can be added to your BrightSign Network account to increase the security of your content
  • Optional Monitor Only service restricts your BrightSign Network subscription to view only access of your network health and charges a fee for all content updates made via BrightSign Network or BrightPlates.
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