Release of Neets Project Designer & Neets Device Editor


Today we are releasing Neets Project Designer 1.11.0 and Neets Device Editor 1.5.0,  with this release we introduce “New Ways to Control Devices”. The way devices are controlled via RS-232 and LAN is constantly changing. That is why we have put our focus on supporting even more devices in the Project Designer 1.11.0 release. 




Many of you have asked for us to support PJLink, and therefore we are happy to let you know that it is included in this release.


The principal benefit of using PJLink is that the protocol is predefined. The only thing you have to change in the driver is the timing that applies for the projector you wish to control. The PJLink implementation supports connection either with or without a password.


Improved Level Control

Control of audio levels (e.g. volume, bass, treble, and balance) involves many variations; therefore, we have extended the range of the level from +/- 32.000 to +/-100.000. This enables control of products like Symetrix and other audio matrixes without any problems.


We have also met the need for + characters in the volume string, so now you can add + the characters to values ​​above 0. At the same time, you can also add Leading Zero to ensure correct byte padding relative to the total number of bytes in the volume string.



When controlling levels with absolute control (Inc/Dec sequence type), different types of checksums continue to appear in the protocols for new devices. To make sure we continue to support a wide range of products we have added two new checksum types; One´s complement and Two's complement in this release.


Furthermore, we have added the opportunity to count on two levels in the same sequence. This command is used by some protocols where the level control needs to be set for both left and right channel in the same command. 


Command seperator character

When working with an audio matrix like e.g. Symetrix, status information on different levels is transmitted continuously. With past releases, our control systems have experienced difficulty in separating the different commands. To solve this issue, Neets Device Editor 1.5.0 allows you to define the byte or indicating “End of Command”.




By adding “Command separator character” Neets Control Systems now handle all incoming commands even better.


Neets Control - QueBec Pro

Neets Project Designer 1.11.0 also includes configuration of our Neets Control – QueBec Pro, a new product that automatically starts up the display and displays the source connected. For easy installation, the QueBec Pro comes with PoE and can be mounted anywhere. Read more…


QueBec Pro is, of course, as easy to configure as all other Neets Control Systems.


You can download Neets Project Designer here or fill out the form “Get Access”





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